Your Story…

Anyone ready for a little breather from debt? Me too! So for today, what I would love is for you to email me at and tell me your story. I am going to pick my favorite story or testimony and post it on my blog. I would also love to hear any questions that you might have. If you don’t want to post it in a public forum, please email me and maybe I can address your question anonymously in my blog… or just answer you back. I would also love to hear any creative ideas that God has given you for your budget, or for overcoming your debt. Although I am presenting a strategy for your finances, there is not just one way to do anything, and your ideas may just help someone else and speak to them.

I have now been blogging everyday for 6 weeks, and it would be wonderful to hear what you have to say and your stories. What I love the most about diving into finances with people, is that when they get a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel and a taste of that freedom, it changes their entire outlook, and consequently their lives. I am going to keep going on debt on Monday. I have a strategy for facing your debt and I am going to try to keep it very simple and concise, but all of us need encouragement on this journey. Your story may just be the encouragement that someone else needs to finish climbing their mountain, or maybe just to start the climb.

So I’ll see you tomorrow… probably with a little “preach”. I just have a lot in me and it is Sunday after all. Although, if you have been reading all along, you know that my preaching is not just limited to Sundays. 🙂 It might have something to do with my Mom and my Dad both being preachers, but I think it is just part of what God has for me and my calling. God is such and integral part of my life, and I love finances, and I just get so excited when I get to talk about the two of them together. So then on Monday we will plan a strategy of attack on your debt.

Thank you again for reading, and I so look forward to hearing your story. God bless.