Gumballs & Money Trees

Gumballs & Money Trees by Dr. Benjamin Dagley and Tracy Jones.My amazing mom first approached me with the idea for Gumballs & Money Trees almost five years ago. Dr. Benjamin Dagley had told her and my dad a story and wondered if they knew anyone could help bring it life in children’s book. They did… me. I took the true story of Dag’s sweet relationship with his daughter, Tatum, and the lessons she learned through her gumball machines and wrote it into a children’s story.

My mom again connected me to an artist that she thought might want to be part of this project. I can’t say enough about Jeanne Thompson’s incredible art. I requested each image to pull together the story and did she ever deliver. Each watercolor is so beautifully executed and masterfully crafted. As you will no doubt agree, her work is breathtaking. It is a true honor to introduce Gumballs & Money Trees to the world and celebrate Jeanne’s genius in doing so.

And last but not least is my husband, Matt. Without his urging, prompting, and tenacity to bring Gumballs & Money Trees to life, I may have lost hope. He has truly cheered me on at every moment. This book baby would never have been born without him. In all the ways, he is the best man, best friend, and my all around favorite.

Please consider purchasing Gumballs & Money Trees for your grown children, your baby children, grandchildren, or whoever you think would enjoy a beautifully illustrated, motivational children’s story with unforgetable lessons.

It has been a joy to create, and it truly is my joy to share.

With all my love,

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