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A Beautiful Day Once by Tracy Joy Jones

A Beautiful Day Once
What would you give to re-live a single day
over and over?
What day would you choose?
Eden Parish knows the day, time, and place — only it hasn’t happened yet. She’s waited ten years to experience the magic of Groundhogs Day, but as the day arrives, nothing is going according to plan. Will a freak blizzard, an unexpected guest, and a life-altering secret ruin everything? Or will Eden finally learn to let go and simply embrace the day?


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  • Gumballs & Money Trees November 30, 2023 - My amazing mom first approached me with the idea for Gumballs & Money Trees almost five years ago. Dr. Benjamin Dagley had told her and my dad a story and wondered if they knew anyone could help bring it life in children's book. They did... me. I took the true story of Dag's sweet relationship with his daughter, Tatum, and the lessons she learned through her gumball machines and wrote it into a children's story. My mom again connected me to an artist that she thought might want to be part of this project. I can't say enough about Jeanne… ...

Gumballs & Money Trees
Now Available!

Gumballs & Money Trees

This book has been a labor of love. From the breathtaking illustrations from artist Jeanne Thompson, to the story, to every detail, it has been a honor to be part of this project. I am thrilled to be part of bringing this book to children everywhere.

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Reading is like breathing in,
Writing is like breathing out.
~ Pam Allyn