A Beautiful Day Once

Tracy Jones

A Beautiful Day Once
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: JHC Press
Publication Year: February 2020

What would you give to re-live a single day over and over? What day would you choose? Eden Parish knows exactly the day, time, and place — only it hasn't happened yet.

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About the Book

Eden Parrish is about to live a bucket-list birthday adventure in retracing Phil Connor’s steps around the little town where “Groundhog’s Day” was filmed. Eden and her two best friends have been planning this trip for years, and although their friendships have drifted like snow, Eden hopes this is their chance to reconnect. When a blizzard keeps her friends from arriving in time for her big day, Eden begins to question not only the decisions that have brought her to a tiny town on the outskirts of Chicago, but to a crisis in her own heart.

Eden isn’t the only one in a crisis. Wilder James knew he wasn’t officially invited to Eden’s birthday reunion. After all, he was only carrying the cake when his younger sister’s best friend made her fateful wish. But when Wilder realizes Isla isn’t going to make it to Eden’s birthday, he feels compelled to travel to Woodstock, Illinois to keep his silent promise.

A nostalgic town, a magical movie, an unexpected romance, and a life-altering secret are about to change both Eden and Wilder’s future—if only they can let go and embrace one beautiful day.

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PROLOGUE to A Beautiful Day Once

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