Unlucky in Love and Lyrics

Tracy Jones

Unlucky in Love and Lyrics
Series: A Mayberry Family Novella, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: JHC Press
Publication Year: December 2018
ISBN: 9781950131013

"Amelia’s story is the second one I’ve read in the Mayberry family series, and it’s even better than the first! This character has an amazing talent, but fear has kept her from realizing her gift and pursuing her dreams. Anyone who has struggled with confidence will relate to this fun, quirky character. And you’ll wish her rock-star crush, Zeke, could step off the pages and teach you how to play the drums! Such a good book!!"
~Amazon Reviewer, Angela T

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About the Book

Amelia Mayberry dreams of a career singing on stage, and she has the talent to do it. Only one thing stands in her way — a wicked case of stage fright that attacks every time she stands up to sing. Jumbled lyrics, uncontrollable fits of giggles, fainting spells, and nausea have turned her dreams to nightmares. She’s ready to walk away from it all rather than face another humiliating failure.

When the drummer/song-writer from the practice room next door asks her to join his band, Amelia can’t say no. After all, Zeke is everything she’s ever wanted in a guy—good dental hygiene, crazy talented musician, kind and funny, and so hot he makes it hard to remember her breathing techniques. Everything that is, except available.

Stuck between her confusing emotions, a strong urge to permanently hibernate in her bedroom, and a secret hope that this might be the start of something amazing, Amelia is desperate to prove to the world she has what it takes. But how is she supposed to keep her feelings for Zeke hidden when she’s singing his love songs, listening to his voice in her ear whispering the lyrics, and trying to control the urge to either flirt or faint every time he’s around?

“He’s taken,” she tells herself a million times, but that doesn’t explain the spark she feels between them. Is Zeke only interested in her for her voice, or is something else simmering beneath his lyrics? And is Amelia about to fail on her biggest stage yet, or is it finally her time to shine?


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