The Message on the MIrror by Tracy Joy Jones

The Message on the Mirror

I have a problem. I can’t clean the mirror in my closet, and it desperately needs it. Over the past year or so, I started writing on the mirror the promises that God had given me. I read them every time I look in the mirror. I see the promises instead of my outfit. I see God’s encouragement to keep going instead of my doubts.

I’ve tried to convince myself to just erase the words and write them again after the mirror is clean, and yet I can’t make myself do it. Each challenge and promise were written during moments when I desperately needed to hear and remember the lesson. Each word was a life raft to my heart.

Because words matter. The words you tell yourself matter even more. And the words you write on your mirror may matter the very most. What are we speaking over our dreams, our children, our future, our relationships, our health, our finances? What promises has God given you and where are they written? Can you see them when you’re preparing for your day? Can you see them at night when you’ve faced down giants and need a shot of hope?

You might consider writing your promises on your own mirror. Yes, it will make the mirror harder to clean, but it might make the promises easier to hold onto.

Here’s what’s written on my mirror:

1) You do less, I’ll do more
God started speaking to me about letting go and not trying to micromanage His beautiful plan for my life
2) Write as an act of worship
3) Fill your pots, and I’ll take care of the timing

4) What has God said? Go in the strength you have.
This is from the story of Gideon in Judges 6:14 where the angel says, “Go in the strength you have and save Israel out of Midian’s hand. Am I not sending you?” This is such a powerful chapter about doubting yourself, getting a promise from God, and doing it afraid because He said to do it. Go in the strength you have.
5) 1 Thessalonians 5:24 — “Faithful is He who is calling you to Himself and utterly trustworthy and He will also do it — fulfill His call by hallowing and keeping you.”
6) 2 Kings 4:1-17 — This is the promise God gave me when I started writing. He told me to fill my pots with oil, borrow pots from friends and family and everyone I know and fill them, and in His timing, the oil would become a source of His provision.

Every one of these promises and challenges is precious to me. You may not understand them, but then, they’re not necessarily for you. So, what has God spoken to you and what has He promised? Write it on your mirror. Refuse to clean it away. Speak it, remember it, declare it, trust it, and see if He does not do everything that He has promised concerning you.

It’s worth a dirty mirror.

The Message on the Mirror by Tracy Joy Jones

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  1. I love everything about this! Thanks for your transparency and vulnerability because that is an encouragement to me.

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