About Tracy

Fun facts about me:

1. I’ve ridden both an elephant and an ostrich in Africa. I loved the elephant, but memories of the ostrich race still make me laugh. It desperately needs to be in a book one day.

2. I spent a summer as a counselor at a kid’s camp in Fairbanks, Alaska. Try getting young kids to sleep when the sun never sets.

3. I once caught a 150 lb Halibut off a fishing boat in Valdez. It’s an ugliest fish I hope to ever see in person.(commence Googling).

4. I’m only one state away from visiting every state. Roadtrip to North Dakota? Anyone?

5. I watched a bald eagle soar from the city walls of Sienna, Italy the day after 911. And wept.

6. It took my mom three days of labor to give birth to me in Johannesburg, South Africa. That’s why I believe in long birthday celebrations of her.

7. Don’t eat food from the side of the road in Colombia, no matter how sweet the people are. And definitely don’t attempt a three-hour church service after with no idea where the bathroom is. ‘Nuff said.

8. Switzerland doesn’t really need church buildings. The people live in one. Those mountains made me more aware of Gods majesty than I have ever found words for.

9. I can still smell the aroma of a cattle bath from our time living on a farm in Zimbabwe. Some smells last forever.

10. Adventure is my passion, but there’s nothing like having my friends, family, and readers along for the journey. 💕 If you can’t laugh about it with your peeps, what’s the point?


Tracy Joy Jones has always loved words — written words, spoken words, dictionary words, scrabble words, poetry and story. Out of the abundance of her heart, she writes, speaks, blogs, and crafts stories that take others on adventures in love, faith, hope, and on journeys into their own heart.

For the last eleven years, she has blogged at www.tracyjoyjones.com, spoken at women’s conferences as well as through the platform of Liberated Living Ministries.

Tracy and her husband, Matt, own Jones House Creative, a graphic design firm, where she has the joy of helping other authors tell their stories.

In her free time, she reads voraciously, writes in every available moment, gardens, loves life, travels as often as she can, while loving her husband and raising their three kids in Jenks, Oklahoma.

Contact Tracy here for more information or speaking availability and sign up for her newsletter for the release dates for her coming books.