Vacation update

Just a quick note before I post my “real” blog. I am so excited to report that we are having a wonderful vacation! Matt and I are sitting here writing, with our three angelic children asleep in the room. They are so exhausted! They have played and been swimming and as Noah said, “Mommy, I am having the most wonderful vacation!” It has really been a wonderful trip so far. Thank you for your prayers for our trip. What an incredible gift it is to have children. It is really fun to just get to enjoy them like this. I think this is what is so important about vacation… you just get to spend so much quality time together, just enjoying each other. You develope family jokes, and share adventures. I love it. Anyway, on to finances… although there is a lot to be said about budgets and vacations, as they don’t seem to work together too well 🙂 Actually, it is not the vacation that is the problem. I think it is just making sure that you budget enough to be able to relax and to get to enjoy your vacation. Anyway, I am excited to get to finish my series on discipline, so here is the next installment. God bless, and hopefully I will get to blog again, but only if it is fun and we are not too tired. This is vacation after all 🙂