Time to Rest

Sometimes the best use of your resources is not to use them at all. I laughed the other day when a friend of mine said, “The best way to save money at the grocery store is not to go.” It sounds so simple, but it is so true. The more you go, the more you spend. I try to limit my grocery shopping trips to only once a week because it is the best use of my time and I also spend a lot less money then visiting the grocery store every other day. There is always “something extra” that you end up buying when you do those middle of the week trips. Usually, I send Matt for those, because somehow he has an easier time not buying the extras. I think it is because he doesn’t have the kids. 🙂

Another application of this simple lesson is that in each day, you only have a limited amount of resources: your energy that you have to give, your time in the day, what you have physical stamina for. Sometimes the best use of those resources is not to use them. I typically tend to fill my days as full as possible. Actually, my kids fill my days and then I try to get as much done in the evenings as I can, but sometimes I just end up wasting my resources and ending up with nothing. Tonight, rather than push myself and write the blog that I was going to, I am going to bed. I will do a much better job writing it tomorrow (or today if you are reading this in the morning). So have a wonderful day. May the Lord give you wisdom to know how best to manage the resources that you are given today. May you prosper in what you set your hand to, may you use your time with wisdom and efficiency, and may you also know when it is time to rest. I will see you tomorrow.