The Pumkin Patch

What a beautiful fall weekend. It has been such lovely weather here in Tulsa and after several weeks of sickness and a very busy week last week, it was so lovely to just enjoy our weekend and to visit the pumkin patch. I am posting a lot of photos, so I hope you don’t mind as I share pictures of my darling kiddos. I know I haven’t posted in a few days, but I am just really finding that I need a break from blogging right now. We have had a lot going on in the evenings and as we face this coming week, I just feel like I need to prioritize and follow my heart… and for me that means working on my book during my free time, rather than blogging. I will probably check back in throughout the week, but I am not going to post a “real” post till next week. So have a wonderful week and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I LOVE this picture! It is everything beatiful that is growing in the friendship between Ava and Luke. It has definitely taken some time and Mommy intervention, but they have become such good friends and have really learned how to play together.

This is sweet Ava and her dear friend Ellie. During this picture they were singing “Happy Birthday” at the top of their lungs πŸ™‚

Noah and Ava in a very sweet hug… now if I could just get Ava to look at the camera…

This is more like Noah and Ava in real life. Ava is the girliest girl, and Noah is all boy… but he still tries at every opportunity to teach her to wrestle. She never does “get it” but she squeals with laughter, and then sometimes tears… but she just adores her big brother.

Darling Luke and Noah. Some of the pumkins there were as big as Luke.

Now this is the face of trouble πŸ™‚ He is such a sweet boy though, but he is definitely a free spirit… not naughty, just a lot of fun and energy.

Princess Ava on her pumkin throne. She looked like a little pixie amongst the pumkins.

My big Noah. We have been going to this same pumkin patch since Noah was little and it was just amazing to look at him climbing on the pumkins and to see how big he is. How did he get to be Six years old!

Looking up to Daddy. I just love this picture. Such a little guy with his wonderful Daddy. Just off of the picture was a huge tractor and that was all Luke cared about for the rest of the visit. Luke loves tractors, and cars, and especially trains.

Luke and Mommy πŸ™‚ When it comes to Luke, its just sunshine and happy thoughts.
And so from my family to yours, have a really wonderful week.
God bless,