The Monster in the Closet

Have you ever thought about the difference between fear and faith? I was chatting with my neighbor the other day as our kids played together in the yard. She has been having some serious health problems and began to tell me how terrified she was to find out what was going on. As much as she dreaded knowing, however, she had forced herself to go through with the procedure because of her uncle. She then went on to tell me how he had had a sore throat for years, but didn’t have insurance so he just kept “believing” it would go away. It had now developed into a huge lump and yet he still refused to go to see a doctor because he was terrified of what they might say. Fear of the unknown had absolutely stolen his life, and she was determined that she would rather know what she was actually fighting, rather than just fighting fear.

So my question is, “Is it possible to have faith when you are paralyzed by a fear of the unknown?” I don’t think it is. I think what many people call “faith” is actually just denial and fear of the unknown cloaked in “…but I’m believing God.” Can you actually trust God with your circumstances when you see your circumstances as bigger than Him? The only way to bring those circumstances into proper perspective is to quit seeing them through the magnifying glass of fear. You have to face them for what they are, and then see God for who He is, and then your heart can get into the right place. It’s not just a pretty saying that, “the truth will set you free”. When it comes to finances, it is absolutely foundational.

So, are you ready to really face what has been hiding in the neglected closet of your finances? It is time to get free, and I am so excited to help you on that journey. I guarantee you, that whatever lies behind that door, the relief of being free from the fear of the unknown will make it worth the journey. Whatever your income (fixed, commission, hourly…), a budget is going to help you to face the unknown “monsters” and to get a plan for your future that is going to bring hope and purpose to your finances.

And how is my neighbor? She had the surgical procedure, and it turned out it was something easily reparable with surgery and not cancer. She is so incredibly relieved that she faced her fears. The surgery was still difficult, but so much better than a lifetime of fear of the unknown and painful consequences for neglecting something that was never that big to begin with.