Still Alive :)

Have I fallen off the planet? No, just very full days and evenings lately. I’m still here, and still budgeting (of course), I just have needed a little time to focus on other things.

Matt and I have really been working to get our graphic design business off of the ground. We have called it jones house creative. Matt is still working part time for Liberated Living Ministries but we are actively trying to build our graphic design business. I think it has felt a little like trying to juggle two infants as I have struggled with giving my “free” night hours to either my book and blog, or our business. As you have guessed from my absence, the business is winning right now, and really needs to be a priority during this season.

But in the midst of all of this activity, I keep thinking budgeting and wondering how all of my “blog friends” are doing with their budgets leading into the Christmas season. In fact, as I pulled out my Finance Binder today and realized that I have been neglecting my paperwork, I wondered how many of you are doing the same thing. It is so easy to start letting things drop during this season. Tis the season to shop… or so stores hope, and it’s easy to just start procrastinating as you begin the last leg of the year. It is way more fun to buy than to figure out how to pay for what you bought, and it’s easy to just start to slide and figure you’ll “re-commit” in the New Year.

However, this is actually the perfect time to get a hold of your spending, and look at your Christmas budget again. I did this the other night, and I am so thankful for the time I invested. I sat with my budget and my Christmas budget and figured out exactly where we are financially by reconciling my bank statement and paying my bills. And then I looked at what I had already bought as Christmas presents and how much further I had to go. At the end of the evening, I felt excited about the upcoming season again and felt so good about having a plan for gifts we are planning to give.

I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world, but around here, shoppers just get so mean and grouchy during this season. I think part of this is because they are all spending money that they don’t have for presents that they know will be returned. What is fun about that? But knowing your budget and sticking to it, as well as shopping early and catching the early sales can save you having to endure the world of the shopping grouches.

Anyway, just thoughts from my corner of the world tonight. Hopefully, this week will be a little less busy and I will get to blog more…. but did I say that last week as well? Oh well, it is what it is 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday… and if you have some time, catch up on your finances. I promise you will feel better. Even if there is less than you want, you will at least know what you have… and what you have to give. God bless.