Starting Kindergarten

My darling Noah starts Kindergarten today. He is so incredibly excited and happy. His Mommy is a little more emotional, although also very excited for him. I feel as if it is one of those monumental moments for our family. From now on we will have children in school. Matt has reminded me that he has been in pre-school already, but it just isn’t the same.

We enrolled Noah in our local public pre-school last year, and it just was not a positive experience. I will spare you the details, but Noah eventually begged that he not have to go back to school. Now this is my fun loving, loves to be with other kids, loves learning child. We had already been considering withdrawing him because of the dynamics in the class and his teacher, however, his request was the final straw. So, for the last seven months I have had Noah at home with me. I home-schooled him for four months and then have taken the summer off. But I have loved having him at home with me.

However, Matt and I both know that Noah thrives around other children. We feel like God has absolutely led us to this new school. I have to tell you, knowing that the Lord is in this has helped give me so much peace and joy in sending him to school today. However, for some irrational, motherly, and mystical reason, I also want to cry. I’m just going to miss him.

So, a blog about me. No thought of finances on this day, but lots of nostalgia and awareness that I am living in a “Remember you first day of Kindergarten?” memory that we will have for the rest of our lives. And trust me, Noah will remember it because he remembers everything. But I know it will be such a happy memory for him, and so Mommy is going to smile and take pictures, and hold onto her tears… until I’m on the way home 🙂