So Very Hot

Yesterday was a very long and hot day. There is something to be learned from yesterday, however. For me that something is: Always check the weather before deciding to take your children to the zoo! The day before was so beautiful and I just assumed that yesterday would be to, but although it started out pretty, the temperature had climbed to over 100 degrees by the time we left the zoo. Ava and Luke’s faces were bright red, and I was completely soaked with sweat. I had in mind a casual outing and ended up climbing “Mt. Everest” instead 🙂 But we did get to ride the Carousel so I guess all was not lost… at least to my children.

The good news is that both of my boys are better. Noah was able to go back to school and Luke is doing so well. It is always so wonderful to be free from being home bound after your children have been sick. Anyway, since this is rambly and not at all spending focused, you have probably guessed that an exhausted Mommy has taken the evening off.

I still have so much to add to my “Why do we spend?” series, so make sure to check in again tomorrow. In the meantime, the next time you are embarking on an adventure, definitely check the weather first. I think today we will go to the aquarium. It is much cooler in there.

And by the way, if it sounds frivilous to go to the zoo and the aquarium in one week, I have season’s passes so that we can go as much as we want. The aquarium is five minutes from our house and has been the biggest blessing in winter and summer for my kids to get to run and play. It actually is a great budgeting tip to check into season’s passes to museums, and zoo’s because many times they are a terrific deal and can provide endless entertainment that you have already paid for. Our aquarium, for example, gives a half-off membership if you live in town, so it is only $35 for the year for my whole family!

So random tips and thoughts from my home for today. I pray that your home is healthy, blessed, and if you happen to live in a hot climate… air conditioned! Have a wonderful day, and I’ll be back tomorrow.