So Very Good!

This week Matt and I experienced a miracle. Last Thursday, after a lot of prayer and an unshakable knowing that the Lord was in it, we made the decision to go part-time at Liberated Living Ministries. It was one of those scary decisions where you feel you are stepping off a cliff, but we felt such peace in our hearts that we following God’s heart for us. However, what that meant in practicality was that we needed God to do a miracle.

We had $200 in our business account and we needed the Lord to either bring in the work or the finances before this weekend. I honestly had no idea how it was going to happen, but we both had this tenacious faith rise up in our hearts, that God was going to take care of us. So Matt and I prayed together. We took the Covenant Meal together, and we asked God for exactly what we needed. And this began our amazing journey.

On Friday morning, a client unexpectedly made a payment. We were so grateful, but we were still less than half way there. On Saturday, a little more trickled in as another client paid for a project. On Monday, Matt had a bass gig and shared that he was starting a graphic design business and the owner of the studio handed him an envelope with $200 towards our new business! Remember, this was in the middle of both us being sick and with fever. Matt and I both just cried when we opened that envelope.

And then almost every day this past week, Matt has received calls for new projects and leads for new business. On Wednesday, the senior acquisitions editor for a major publishing house contacted Matt about adding his name as one of their designers!! Also on Wednesday, Matt and I both signed with an agent who has agreed to represent our books!!! I can’t even tell you how huge this is, and how overwhelmed we both are at the goodness of God.
Well, last night, Matt and I were sitting working on a project together, when I got an email notifying us that a client had just made a payment through paypal and it was for exactly what we were short to make up our entire salary!! I just burst out laughing. In fact, when I did our books last night we were $.80 above what we needed!!! Yes, I am exclamation point happy, but I honestly feel like we have had one of those banner weeks that deserves exclamation points all over it!

I know everything in life isn’t this dramatic, but when God comes through in a miraculous way, you need to write about it, to shout it, and remember it. This week for us will always be a testimony to our God’s amazing faithfulness to catch us when we step out at His word. I know this sounds a little “faith talkish”, but we have lived it this week, and my heart is so full I just can’t help myself.

So thank you all for your prayers for us. Thank you to our friends for standing with us. But more than anything, thank you God for once again showing Your amazing faithfulness. You are good, and there is no shadow of turning with you. It is just so amazing to know that we are right in the middle of what You have for us.

Thanks for reading friends and I hope this is an encouragement to your hearts as well to go for what God has put in your heart to do. He is faithful, and even when the journey seems scary, it is actually just the greatest opportunity to see the miraculous.

See you Monday 🙂