Preparing an Outline

I spent some time this past weekend looking through my blog. I have now been writing almost everyday for the last two months and I just felt like I needed to remember what I have said and what I haven’t said. Don’t get me wrong, there is still SOOO much more to say on the topic of finances and budgeting, but I really don’t want to miss something. Anyway, the organizational system on “blogger” is not fantastic, so I thought that I would do a blog just to lay out what I have written about. If this is your first time visiting my blog, then the outline is a fantastic place to start. There are links to each blog as you go and I think it will really help everyone to be able to find topics more easily within this site. I am going to place a link in my Recommended Resources to this page and I will continue to update this outline as I continue to write.

Most of my “free time” has gone into compiling this outline, so this is it for today, but I have so much to say this week. Today, for many of you, is payday and I am going to be looking more specifically at the budgeting process of payday (whenever it is for you), how to handle discretionary money, how to use your budget, and whatever else the Lord lays on my heart to share… which you just never know. God bless and have a very happy Monday, Payday, or just Day that the Lord has made.

Oh, and the picture at the top is from The Philbrook museum here in Oklahoma that we visited on Saturday. It was just a breathtaking mini-vacation for my little family and I wanted to share. For those of you here in Tulsa, every second Saturday of the month is free entry to the Philbrook and they have an activity day for the kids. It is really so much fun. God Bless and I really hope the Outline is helpful.