On the Right Path

OK, I have just returned from picking my parents up from a trip to the airport, and had the most wonderful conversation about debt and finances. I knew when I wrote Friday’s blog that there was something missing. It is all true, but there was something about grace in the process that I wasn’t quite grasping and so it came across too hard. If I were writing a book instead of a blog I would scrap the last few pages, but since it is a blog… I am taking down my post from Friday. I am going to rework it and post it again next week, but from my true heart. There is a path that leads to fear and despondency and a path that leads towards freedom and hope for the future. The path towards freedom is always the way of grace. Anyway, hopefully that doesn’t sound like jiberish to you, but let me just say that I believe there is a way out of your debt which won’t define you as your debt and I want to help you to see that path.
Have a glorious Saturday, and I will see you tomorrow.