Off to the Races

A few months ago, I got a random email in my inbox — Does anyone have a horse story where you learned a lesson from a horse?

Tracy Joy JonesHorses? In all honesty, I’ve probably ridden ten horses in my life, maybe fifteen. The point is, I am anything but an expert.

Although, I have ridden in some spectacular locations. I rode a horse in Montana across the flat, flat earth where all I could see was the horizon. I’ve ridden on long skinny roads in the middle of farmland (see picture – That’s not me on the horse, but it’s the best I could do. You have my word that my brother and I took turns), once on a beach on a fat, dirty horse that just wanted to go for a swim, and a couple of times on trails through the woods. But once upon a time, I accidentally rode a racing stallion in a barrel racing pen, and it just so happens, I did learn a lesson from the experience.

So, I wrote my race horse story. The whole time I was writing, I was also laughing about such a horse-illiterate person writing a story about horses. Even funnier is the fact that my entire story is about the dangers of posing and pretending to know more about horses than you actually do.

As it turns out, they loved my story. It’s going to be in a compilation book coming out next year. But the point I can’t stop laughing about is that I wrote a story about pretending to know about horses that is getting published in a book about horses called, “The Horse of My Dreams”. I will never stop laughing at the irony.

I get two copies. If you love horses, I hope you’ll buy it for yourself. I’m not giving you mine. If you don’t love horses, I hope you’ll buy it for my story. It’s a very funny story about the time I almost died. If the stallion was the horse of my dreams, I was definitely having a nightmare.

But there is so much that is wonderfully humorous about this being my first book when I write comedic romance stories. It’s like God has given me a joke that will never stop being funny. I will always laugh. I will always be grateful.

And like always, I just had to share.

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