My Grocery List

Hello again and happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful week and weekend because I really enjoyed my week off last week. I actually went to bed before 10:30 several nights this past week! But then this weekend both of my boys got sick. Noah and Luke were both up all during the night last night. It is just such a good thing when you are obedient to what the Holy Spirit is prompting you to do. You never regret it and you usually realize that there were at least 20 other reasons why He led you to make that decision. Last week was really the perfect week to take off for so many reasons. I am just glad that I am refreshed and strong so that I have the energy to take care of my sweet boys.

So, on my last real post I promised a link to my grocery shopping list which I forgot to post. Instead of just adding the link I have decided to tell you a little more about how I use it and then add it to today’s blog.

I do not buy every item on the list every week. In fact, I only buy about 10% of what is on the list. What I did to make the list was I wrote out every item that I could think of that I do buy. I then printed a copy of the list and put it in a plastic sheet protector. Every week I take a dry-erase marker and highlight the items that I need on the list. As I grocery shop I erase the items as I put them in my cart. At the end of the trip my grocery list is clear and I know that I have everything that I need. Making my list takes so little time and I also rarely forget items because it is all listed for me.

And yes, even when I shop with all three kids, I take my list. In fact, I have found that I actually need a list more when I have the kids because I am so incredibly distracted. Obviously, this is not the best grocery shopping plan, especially at the check-out line! Why do they have to put all of the candy in those aisles? I know it is all marketing strategy, but what a nightmare. It really is like the gauntlet for Mommy’s. Only a true champion can survive the guantlet without opened candy bars, children in tears, and a trail of baby wipes behind her. I have to admit, I usually just buy the candy and consider it a consequence of bringing my children shopping. Not the healthy answer, but definitely the happier version of grocery shopping with toddlers. Of course, the cheapest answer is to leave them at home πŸ™‚

OK, so here is the list. Again, please feel free to add to it and change it. It is a very individualized list for my family, but it should give you a very good starting place for making your own list. Or you may just be curious as to what I buy… which is just a little creepy πŸ˜‰ It makes me want to throw in a few items that I never buy just to throw you off. I am just kidding. I love to see what other people are buying as well. I always wonder as I look at other people’s grocery shopping carts what they can make for dinner from the ingredients in their cart.

Anway, happy grocery shopping. I actually got stopped in the grocery store today by a lady asking me about my grocery list and my coupon binder. She ended up saying that I should be teaching a class in how to grocery shop. I laughed and said that I don’t have time to teach a class, but I am really thankful for what I have learned because it has saved my family a lot of money. I think I will just blog about it instead πŸ™‚

God bless and I’ll see you tomorrow.