Loving Life Again

I didn’t mean to disappear this week. I honestly thought I would be writing all week. I thought I would get a lot of other things accomplished as well. However, all week I have been struggling with headaches that have made it really hard to look at my computer screen. I very rarely have headaches, and so for me this migraine-like headache has been so dibilitating and unexpected. It started with a “crick” in my shoulder that has plagued me since last week and just gradually got worse and worse.

It was one of those weeks that takes you by surprise, and not in a good way. Nothing went as planned, everything was put on hold, and my family and I clung to the grace of God and prayed for Mommy’s healing. I have finally felt a little better this afternoon and just wanted to check in and let you know where I went.

I probably won’t blog tomorrow either because my little family is going to be celebrating Valentine’s day together. We will make heart-shaped pancakes, and ice heart shaped cookies and then cover them with sprinkles. The kids are so excited about their holiday, and I love that. I want it to always be a day for them when they celebrate love. You don’t have to be romantically in love, to celebrate loving and being loved. I think it is a great day to surprise a friend with candies, or give your Mom chocolates. It’s a day when kid’s can love on each other and feel how very much they are loved. I have surprises for them in the morning, and I’m just looking forward to a day enjoying my family… without a headache.

God bless, and I will be back soon.