Jumping In

Well, we are half well at the Jones’s house. Fortunately, I am the one feeling better. Everything just runs better when Mommy is well. My little Noah woke up this morning to come and find out if Mommy had a voice and if Daddy still had a fever. He told us that after we had tucked him in last night for bed that he prayed that Jesus would heal Mommy’s voice and heal Daddy. Of course, we just had to feel better after hearing that!! And I actually do feel like I am on the road to recovery. I had almost no voice yesterday, and it does feel stronger today.

Unfortunately, Matt is in bed with fever again this afternoon. So thank you all for your continued prayers for him. It’s has been such a funny week so far because although we have felt so sick, we have seen God do so much on our behalf this week. Matt has received all kinds of leads in his graphic design business and we have really just seen amazing things! God is so incredibly faithful to take care of His kids, and I think He just loves trust. Like a little kid surrendering to his Daddy’s arms when he jumps from the side of the pool, God loves when we trust Him. All of our fear on the side of the pool, wandering if He is going to catch us, is just such a waste of time and energy. God is only good and can only do good. He always has us when He calls for us to jump.

This week has just been a testimony again to His amazing ability to catch us. It is funny, but the way God “catches us” is always a suprise. It is hard to see it coming. In fact, I think God loves to do it that way, because instead of trusting in His arms that we can see, we are forced to trust in His heart. Will He catch us? Well, if you know the kind of Father He is, then the answer is always, “Yes!” But you have to know Him to really know that, and I think that is the point. The Bible says that “perfect love casts out all fear”. The only way to know perfect love is to know God. And when we get to know His heart, we won’t fear the jump, or falling, or failure.

So Matt and I are jumping, and we have just seen Him catch us again. I know that there will be many more jumps on this journey of starting our own business. However, just like our kids jumping from the side of the pool, with each jump our confidence will grow. Not confidence in our ability or our “flotation device”, but confidence in His perfect love for us, and confidence that even when we don’t see it, His arms will always be there to catch us.

Even in the midst of our physical weakness this week, our hearts are singing… because God is good! And He just keeps revealing His goodness to us in all kinds of suprising ways.

Anyway, I will probably get to blog tonight, so I will be back tomorrow with a fresh new blog on finances. Thank you again for your prayers, and for the meals from my dear friend Deana and my sweet Mom!! We have truly been blessed this week, which is just so crazy to say in the face of fever, and red noses, and sore throats, and laryngitis… but isn’t that a testimony in itself?

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Maybe His calling isn’t some huge voice-out–of-the-sky-once-in-a-lifetime moment. Maybe that calling is just the voice from the pool, saying, “Jump… I’ll catch you”… and somehow in that jumping process, you get to experience God’s goodness in amazing ways.

Just something to think about 🙂 See you tomorrow.