Grace For Today

In over 9 years of marriage, I can count on one hand the number of times that Matt and I have been sick together. Unfortunately, this week we have added another finger πŸ™ We both thought it was just severe allergies over the weekend, but it is definitely something more now. We both ran a fever yesterday, and woke up this morning feeling like we had been hit by a bus. Anyway, we would so appreciate your prayers. Fortunately, our kids are all well. It is just Mom and Dad.

It is amazing how little you feel like budgeting when you are sick. Especially when you are both sick and there is no one left to cook. I always wish in these moments that I had a freezer stocked with pre-cooked meals for my family. Now that would be a great budgeting idea πŸ™‚

Anyway, so I am going to be out of budgeting world until I feel a little better. I feel the need to apologize for yesterday’s blog as well. It is definitely not my best writing. I almost took it down, but I think I’ll just say I’m sorry instead. I don’t think I have the energy to fix it. Now I just sound pathetic! OK, I really am not dying, and I will definitely survive. Colds and allergies will leave and all will be sunny once again. And maybe, I’ll even take my own advice and stockpile meals in the freezer.

In the mean time, may the Lord bless you richly today. May you walk in His health and joy, and may you tap into the grace that He has for you today to face whatever you are facing. Thank you Lord for new mercies every morning, and strength and grace for today!!

See you soon,