Getting Started

I spent the evening last night helping a friend with their budget. It was definitely an evening well spent, but I didn’t get to do my “30 minute plan” for blogging. So this morning I thought I would give you an update on the progress on my book. I believe I have finished my first chapter! I still need to do a little more editing, but I feel like I have climbed a huge personal mountain. It was a little harder than I thought, but a large part of that was deciding how to begin the book. It is amazing how perfectionism can keep you from beginning. We all do this in so many areas of our lives. If everything isn’t “just right” for starting, you never start. I just had to keep reminding myself of this and go for it. The truth is you can always come back and refine what you have started, but if you never start… you don’t have anything to work with. So if you have a dream, or something that God has put on your heart to do, start today. Don’t wait for the perfect time, the perfect weather, the perfect financing, the perfect first line… perfectionism will kill your dreams. If you wait for everthing to be perfect, you will probably die with that dream still in your heart. Anyway, just my little sermon that I constantly have to give myself, but I thought it might help you start your dreams too.