From the Party

What a week it has been so far! The markets of the world are being driven by fear, and the rest of us are just spectators at the stampede. I have no idea how this all will resolve, but again and again I am thankful for the peace that passes understanding which guards my mind and heart. (Philippians 4:7) I read yesterday again about so many people withdrawing from the stock market and moving their money to the safety of bonds. The only problem is that they are doing it at a point where the market is at an extreme low point and are losing thousands and even millions of dollars. Again, all because of fear. I’m not going to “preach” the same sermon again (if you missed them you can see my recent blogs on the subject here and here), but it is definitely tragic to watch the financial future of so many imploding in panic.

I actually don’t have a blog ready for today, because instead of blogging last night I went on a date with my husband! Yea for a date night! It is so nice to leave the house without the kids and just have uninterrupted conversation. It is also so fun to be married to your best friend. You remember how much fun it is on date night!

So instead of a blog, I thought I would share with you some pirate party photos. Several of you have requested them, so I hope you enjoy them:

This is my little pirate family, including the lovely pirate Belle. Ava could not be convinced to wear a pirate costume. She insisted on being a “Pirate Princess.”

Matt took on the motley crew as he played the part of the pirate captain. I laughed so hard as he defended himself against a hoard of pirates. Thankfully they all had styrofoam swords, or Matt may have ended up with bruises. Although he actually fared quite well 🙂

This is my big 6 year old boy opening presents, which in spite of sword fights, and treasure hunting, was still his favorite part.

All in all, one very happy party for one darling boy. Have a wonderful day and God bless.