… and back in again.

For some reason I decided to check my blog today. I don’t know why because if I haven’t been here, then no one else has either. However, just reading the title of my last blog made me laugh so hard that I just felt inspired to write. Actually, I feel inspired to write often lately, I just don’t. So anyway, “Out of hybernation” seems like such a funny joke when I then proceeded to not blog again for like 6 months.

But I do have to say that the last few months have been such a wonderful contrast to the months before, that I do actually have the reserve to want to share my heart and thoughts with the world again. Definitely shocking.

I don’t want to promise too much. For instance, don’t start calling all your friends and neighbors and checking everyday. Maybe just sign up to follow me and then you will get email suprises in your inbox from me. But I’m not promising suprises either, so don’t buy me a return gift just yet. Or you can just buy me a present as a bribe to write. I’ll take that. But don’t blow your budget to do it, because that would be the opposite of my mission and then I would feel guilt… but I probably would write a blog about you. So if that is your mission, then I am open to gifts 🙂

OK, I’m just being silly today. But I truly do hope that your budget is still working for you, that your home is full of peace, and that your bills aren’t lying in a mountain somewhere. Just the thought of that makes me itch to come over to your home and help you dig out. But you do have two hands, a head on your shoulders (good or otherwise), and Fall is as good a time as any to wake up to reality and start again. Hmm… I think I may have written the last line just for me.

So, if I’m beginning again, so should you. It’s time to get in there and figure out what your summer vacation really cost you, how to pay for your kid’s Fall clothes, get a plan for affording Christmas this year, and escape from the cave you may have been hiding in. It’s actually a lot less scary outside of the cave than it is inside the cave, especially if the bears sleeping with you are debt and financial hardship. Grrr… I think I’ll go get my financial gun. I’ll be write, I mean right back 🙂