An Outline to Help You Find Your Way

The Beginning of Budgeting and the Start of a Better Life
a. Where to StartThe Starting Point
** Fear vs. Faith – The Monster in the Closet

b. Dealing With Mail
** Mail, Mail, and More Mail – Surprises in the Mail

c. A Plan for Filing
** A Finance Binder – Binders, Files and the Battle of the Sexes

d. Setting Up Your Binder
** Labels – A Plan for Freedom
** Organizing Your Binder – A Place for Everything
** Finishing Your Filing – Finishing Things and All things considered…

Setting Up Your Budget
a. Expenses
**Expense Categories – Finding the Holes
**Average Spending – Learning for Life
**Managing Bills that Vary – Changing Seasons
**Infrequent Bills and Expenses – A Plan for the Infrequent

b. Income
**Salary – Simplicity
**Hourly Wage – By the Hour
**Weekly – By the Hour
**Bi-Weekly – Every Other Friday
**Monthly – Simplicity
**Commision – Feast or Famine and Finally Breathing
**Self-Employed – Your Business and The Power of Percentages
**Examples of varying income scenarios – Weekly, Salary and Commission

c. Discretionary Money
** Free Money – I Gotta Little Change in My Pocket
**Cash/Envelope System – Discretionary Spending: Cash, Credit, or Bankcard
**A plan for your extra change – Change to Spare
**Using Your Credit Card – Corralling Your Credit Card

d. Balancing Your Budget
**My Budgeting Plan – A Plan to Stop Juggling
**How to Balance – Finding Balance
**How to Use a Budget? – Directions for the Journey and Practicing Your Payday Plan

e. A Plan for Extra Money
**Side Jobs or other Income – Giving Your Money Purpose

a. The Importance of Savings
**What is a Store House? – The Storehouse Blessing

b. Getting Started with Savings
**What if I only have a little? – Small Beginnings
**A Dream for Savings – Our European Adventure
**Why Start Now? – Debt vs. Savings

Dealing With Debt and Credit Cards
a. Managing Your Credit Cards
** Minimum Payments – The Shovel and the Hole
**Using Credit Cards – Where Your Heart Is… and Managing Your Credit Cards

b. Managing Your Credit Card Debt
**“Snowballing” Your Debt – Managing Credit Card Debt
**Paying off Your CC Debt – Kill Your Giant

c. Debt
**Facing the Mountain – A Guide For the Mountain
**Having a Plan – Baby Steps
**Changing Your Habits – Doing Something Different
**Debt Consolidation and Credit Counseling – In Too Deep

Life on a Budget
a. Making Wise Choices
**How do you choose wisely – The Way of Life

b. Matters of Your Heart
**Gratitude – The Gift of Gratitude
**A Cure for Feeling Deprived – A Cure For Deprivation

c. The Power of Agreement
**Budgeting in Marriage – The Power of Agreement

A Vision for Your Resources
a. Giving Your Money Value
**How do you Stop Wasting Your Resources? – Worth vs. Waste
**A Purpose For Your Money – Decisions