All things considered…

A dear friend of my parents left a comment yesterday that he was going to be taking the weekend to tackle his piles of filing. I have been thinking and praying for grace for him this morning and it occurred to me that many of you might have been waiting for the weekend for the time to face the mountain. If that is you and that is what lies before you today, then it is just in my heart to encourage you today that there is grace for today. There isn’t grace for tomorrow yet. Just take each moment as a gift and thank God for His grace to do exactly what He has put in your heart today.

As you sort through your paperwork today, or maybe just as you enjoy this wonderful day, I have a thought for you. It comes from Matthew 6:25-33 and starts out saying, “Do not worry about your life, what you will eat, what you will wear (finances)” and it goes on to say to consider the birds of the air and how your heavenly Father feeds them. “Are you not of more value than them?” and then it says, “consider the lilies of the field… Now if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is gone, will He not much more clothe you?”

The thing about worry is it makes no place for God. Your heavenly Father knows what you need, and if you look to Him instead of your own wisdom and strength, you will find abundant provision for today. There is grace to climb your mountain today. Maybe that mountain isn’t your filing pile. Maybe it’s your marriage, or your job, or just your dishes… but there is grace for today. So receive God’s grace for your mountain right now, don’t worry about tomorrow, and if worry starts to creep in, can I just gently urge you to “consider the lilies…”