A Significant Time

It is a very significant time in America. I know tonight that whatever blog I write will be obsolete tomorrow. Tomorrow we will have voted for a new president and all of this nation and the world waits in anticipation tonight.

So, as I wait with the world, I honestly feel no desire to blog on the kingdoms of men, but rather to blog on the Kingdom of God. We live in this world, but we are not of this world. We vote, we raise our voices, we fight for what is good… but in the end, we belong to another kingdom. Our hearts are actually longing for His Kingdom to be established here on earth. And His Kingdom is a kingdom of love.

Our nation is torn in division and dissent on this night and has been for a long time. No matter who is elected, I do not see an end to this division. As men move further and further from any common ground, the darkness can only get darker. But it is in the darkest dark of night that the light will shine most brightly. As part of our constitution, the founding fathers of this nation wrote, “We hold these truths to be self evident…” But in this world today there is no longer any measure of agreement on what truth is.

But as always, I am again comforted that nations will rise and fall, and yet the Kingdom of God and His truth will remain. I am proud to be an American citizen, but my citizenship here is secondary to my citizenship in the Kingdom of God. And as an ambassador of His Kingdom I am called to be a minister of reconciliation…. not neccessarily to reconcile men to each other (although I dearly wish there was a way), but to reconcile men to God. We bear the good news that God is good, and has made a way for all men to come to Him and to know Him. The message of love and reconciliation is the anthem of His kingdom. And the really good news is you never have to vote for new leadership 🙂