How Gretchen Stole Christmas

A Free Christmas Novella

I had a little thought for a Christmas story a month ago. For me, ideas tend to start like seeds and grow inside my mind like Whorton hearing a Who. I can hear my characters speaking to me and I laugh at all their jokes. My family just rolls their eyes when I burst out laughing for no apparent reason or when I’m practicing body positions for the scene I’m writing in my mind. Like Whorton, it all looks a bit crazy, until you find out the real story.

In my imagination live so many worlds, some the size of seeds, some the size of full length books. This month I’m thrilled to introduce you to one of my worlds and the Mayberry family. In December, I’m giving away my first Christmas novella to everyone who signs up for my newsletter. I hope you’ll enjoy meeting Gretchen, Will, and her wonderfully chaotic family in “How Gretchen Stole Christmas.” Here is a little glimpse into the story:

How Greatchen Stole Christmas by Tracy Joy Jones“Gretchen, you killed Santa!”

Nothing about Gretchen Mayberry’s Christmas Eve surprise for her family is going according to pan. As she pulls up to her family house, she is horrified to see a man dressed as Santa sneaking into her little sister’s window. Gretchen goes into attack mode, saving the day, only to earn a trip to the ER with her ex-boyfriend, a distraught troop of Santa-loving siblings, and a Christmas Eve no one will ever forget.

Sign up today and let me know what you think of Gretchen’s story. If you love meeting the Mayberry family, I have a few more newsletter stories planned for 2018.

Thanks again for joining me in this writing adventure.

Much love,
Tracy Joy Jones

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  1. I read How Gretchen Stole Christmas in two days and I love it so much! You do such a wonderful job writing sweet, heartfelt romance, interesting characters, and touching themes. I love your writing and can’t wait to read your next project! <3

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