A Chilly Morning

For those of you checking in here to check up on me, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Unfortunately, I am still running a fever. It just hovers right above 100 degrees… not enough to really burn this off, just enough for me to ache all over. This morning I bundled my children up in their fleece winter clothes because I couldn’t stop shivering and didn’t realise that I still had a fever. I was so praying that I would wake up well today. My Mom came to pick up Ava and Luke so that I could rest. “It’s not that cold,” she observed looking at Luke and Ava’s outfits. “They’ve been sick Mom, I don’t want them to get chilled,” I replied. She just lovingly smiled and bundled them into their car seats. Well, sure enough, I came back inside and I was absolutely shivering… and then I took my temperature and realized why I was so cold. My poor hot kiddos.

Anyway, thanks for your prayers. I am just praying that tomorrow I am better. The birthday party is getting closer and closer and I am feeling a little desperate. Matt and my Mom both said they would help me clean and run errands tomorrow if I am still sick. I so do NOT want to cancel the party. I just keep thinking that in five years time, I won’t remember that I was sick, but I will remember what I did for Ava Joy’s fourth birthday… Birthdays live forever 🙂

So, on to the party… I’ll make sure to update you on the other side.
God bless