Is anyone else completely addicted to the Olympics? I sit breathless every night… way past my bed time. Unfortunately for my blog and my book, the Olympics has very little to do with budgeting. Although, if I stretched I could talk about China overspending their budget by 33 Billion Dollars for the Olympics! Can you imagine going 33 Billion Dollars over budget. Maybe I should translate my blog into Chinese 🙂 Although, there is no way it would get past all the sensors.

OK, seriously I don’t have a blog today and I blame it on the Olympics. I joked with Matt that I should just put up a sign that says, “I’ll be back after the Olympics”. I’m not going to do that, but I am taking the night off to watch the women’s gymnastics and swimming. So enjoy the Olympics and just rejoice today that you aren’t having to figure out how to pay for them.