Hey friends, I just wanted to give you an update since it has been a week. The Jones family is doing great. We are enjoying the Christmas season immensely. It is so fun to hear the kid’s questions and to focus our conversations with them so much on Jesus. I know you should always do that and we do, but Christmas provides such a purposeful opportunity.

And for me personally, I am working on my book again and that is why I haven’t been blogging. Honestly it is a little hard going. It is so much more fun to write a fresh story or article than to edit the ones you have already written. However, I have a goal for December so I am pushing towards it. It is just so good to keep forward momentum, and so on I go.

I do have a blog that has been stirring in my heart and I am working on, so maybe I will get that posted a little later today. It is a bit “soap boxy” but with such a powerful point that I hope will challenge you as much as it has me. That is, if I can just find the time to write. But as I keep reminding myself, this is just for a season. It’s funny, but nothing will get your creative juices going like having to take a break from doing the thing you love. Maybe it is just that there are so many budgeting issues that surround the Christmas season, especially this year.

So from my home to yours and in the mean time… keep on budgeting and have a wonderful day