Beautiful stories have always challenged, inspired, and changed me. I’ve often dreamed of creating adventurers, dreamers, artists, and characters that would tell the stories of their lives on pages that I’d written. During this last year, I’ve seen that dream realized.

I’ve written four books in the last year, and with each book, I’ve grown in my craft and my passion for writing. My fourth book, Calamity Jenn, is my funniest book to date and I am currently pursuing publishing for it. I’ve been advised that Christian fiction for young adults doesn’t sell, so my three YA books are sitting in a drawer for now. I’m hoping that one day the time will be right for them because there is such a desperate need for clean, fun, funny, adventurous books for young adults. As an avid reader and mom to a teenager and pre-teen it’s the number one question I’m asked: do you have any book suggestions for my teenager?

It is my sincere hope that one day I will be able to say “yes” and hand them my books. In the mean time, I’ve turned my focus to writing humorous stories for adults. My tagline is “Adventures with love and laughter.” If you love to laugh, love to travel, and are up for a bit of misadventure, you will love the story of Calamity Jenn.

Life is a sweet, funny, sometimes bumpy journey. If you would like to stay informed with my journey into publishing, please sign up for my newsletter below. I can hardly wait to see where the road may lead.

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