Budgeting for a Better Life

Budgeting for a Better Life
Genre: Non-Fiction
Your Passport to the Life You've Always Wanted
There's a great big world out there with amazing possibilities and things to experience. Your budget isn’t a shackle keeping you from it, it’s your passport to getting there. COMING SOON!
About the Book

What is the dream in your heart? Whether it’s seeing the world, buying your own home, going back to school, or a beautiful camera to capture your adventures — a budget isn’t a restriction from your dream, it’s your passport. Having a budget will ensure that your dream doesn’t come with heavy baggage that you’ll have to carry for years after.

Full of anecdotes and stories and faith, Budgeting for a Better Life is a systematic guide through your finances to your dreams. It will help you to transform budgeting into a tool to get you where you want to go, rather than just a restriction or even a bad word. Whether you’re just graduating high school, newly married, or further down the path, it’s never too late to start on this journey. Budgeting for a Better Life will help you to avoid the financial pitfalls that so many people fall into, plan adventures, set up your finances and your future for success, and dig out of the budgeting ditches that you may have already fallen into. Just remember, it’s never too late to get a passport to your dreams.

Happy reading and happy budgeting!

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