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A Year With the Mayberrys

How Gretchen Stole Christmas by Tracy Joy Jones

Five Novellas, One Unforgettable Year!

Starting with “How Gretchen Stole Christmas”, the Mayberry family is in for a year of humor, challenges, romance, and surprises, and as a newsletter subscriber, you’ll have a frontrow seat to the memories.
The second novella is coming to your inbox March 17, 2018, and you won’t want to miss a moment!
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Noah Jones

There and Back Again, Noah’s Tale

January 1, 2018Text from Noah: I think I’m running a fever and my stomach hurts. Can you come get me? And that’s how it all started. The school nurse confirmed a stomach bug was going around and that it was a nasty one. I had the reaction all mom’s everywhere get when they hear that news, “Button down the hatches, and get ...
Wise Men

The Purpose of the Wise Men

December 24, 2017The other day, I was talking to my parents about the difficulty of Mary’s journey to Bethlehem and my compassion for her riding a donkey while nine months pregnant. Ouch! She must have expected a little easier journey considering whose child she was carrying. Anyway, in the course of all that, I happened to mention the wise men, and my ...
How Gretchen Stole Christmas

A Free Christmas Novella

December 1, 2017I had a little thought for a Christmas story a month ago. For me, ideas tend to start like seeds and grow inside my mind like Whorton hearing a Who. I can hear my characters speaking to me and I laugh at all their jokes. My family just rolls their eyes when I burst out laughing for no apparent reason ...

When life hands you lemons (Lessons from Batman)

October 20, 2017I came across a great quote the other day from @TheBatman on twitter. His quote made its way into one of my books, so watch for that. The quote is: When life gives you lemons, be thankful it’s just lemons. Life could have shot both your parents in a dirty alley when you were 8. Love him or hate him, ...
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